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Traveller's Log - As Featured in The Sunday Times 'Travel Section.

Some years ago, when I was laid up on holiday with a snapped Achilles tendon I started to think about previous holidays and I was surprised how little I could remember.  As a fisherman I have always kept a log of fishing trips, fish caught, weather conditions etc.  And it occurred to me as a traveller, I need to keep a ‘Traveller’s Log’.  I felt this would be an invaluable point of reference for recording travel details for future reference.

How many times have you thought about previous trips and wondered:

  • What was the previous exchange rate?
  • What was the name of the hotel you stayed in?
  • What was the fabulous restaurant you ate in?
  • What was the name of the scenic ski run?

In addition to the space to record details of over 350 trips there is also included:


  • Travellers check list
  • Names and address section
  • World time zone map, conversion tables and full colour world atlas

The travellers log has been produced to a high standard as it is intended to last a lifetime and enable you, family, friends and indeed your descendents to re-live your holiday and other travel experiences again and again. 'Travellers Log' is available for personalisation as ‘corporate gifts’ contact us for more details.

Remember – the worst ink outlives the finest memory.

Own a traveller's Log for just £35 plus £3.20 P&P

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